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Tally-I/O - Lumber Tally App - Features

Pack Tagging

  • When a pack is finished you can barcode tag it and know every board in the pack
  • Tags can be entered using the camera of your device, or you can buy extra equipment
  • Our forestry & lumber tally system can automatically iterate the barcode tags and you can use any tag type or number you like
  • Tags are optional but if you don't use barcode tags you can enter your own numbers in their place or take advantage of our easy LIFO / FIFO system


  • See a running total of the board count and volume while entering the lumber from a separate device
  • Supports all known thicknesses and ability to customize
  • Grade Lumber by Log/Load/Vendor Specifically
  • Tally Cants/Timber Mat Blocks/Ties alongside your other lumber
  • No matter what your sawmill saws, we've got you covered

User Accounts

  • Separate account levels allowing managers to see entries in real time
  • Yard employees can move packs from place to place or remove packs
  • Only specified users allowed to see or manage stock level
  • Keep your graders and lumbermen online to see their board and pack entries in real time
  • This tally system works the best in the office and gives control to the office personnel to maintain and oversee with ease

Species / Grade

  • Our forestry system supports all species / grades and ability to custom add, update, and delete species / grades based on your needs
  • Species & grades persist from the previous board entry for simple repeated entries or you can write over them
  • Customize species / board grades and anything else specifically to what your company buys/sells/uses/creates


  • Time & date stamps make sorting and filtering your lumber inventory with the date created or updated easy
  • Time and date stamps allow you to make your own custom reports and see production results in real time as well as allow our analytics to find any lost profits
  • Helps utilize your full Log & Lumber ERP software and adjust production before losses even occur


  • Lumber is tagged by location and can be checked into different yard(s)/warehouse(s)
  • Packs can be checked into different locations on your yard, kilns, or trucks
  • Tag the packs on the green chain they're being sawed at and see stats on production in real time
  • Use locations to keep track of pack inventory with LIFO / FIFO easily and mass update packs on the company portal

Pack Management

  • Creates individual packs based on a setup you design (length/grade/species/thickness/etc.)
  • Boards are automatically added to those packs as you scale/tally them
  • These packs can be marked as complete as they're finished with new packs automatically created using the same sorting specs
  • When a pack is finished you can tag and scan the barcode for it into the system
  • With our Lumber Tally system your packs can be edited easily

Chain Grading / End Tally

  • Creates an individual pack or several packs based on a setup you design (length/grade/species/thickness/etc.)
  • Speed enter boards for chain grading with minimal information (surface/thickness/grade) or full detailed entry of boards for End Tallying
  • Boards auto sort into the available 'open' packs
  • This allows for a real time view of your grading information as you tally with totals etc. and lets you see reports of production through any time period as well as saves each grader's boards for you to compare

Dimension / Pack Tally

  • Enter the standard information such as Barcode, Species, Grade (only one per dimension pack), Board Thickness range, Location and Vendor (also only one per dimension pack)
  • Enter a board count for the pack and the board foot (estimate if needed) and our tally system will create a pack with the correct amount of equally sized boards
  • This system is ideal for pack tallying, dimension lumber, Truck / Crane Mats, Blocking, Dunnage, Pallet and any other equal sized board pack or pack that you don't want the full details

Cloud Backup

  • While offline your device creates a list of items that need to be created, updated, and deleted
  • You can see the list as you go so you always know where you left off in the sync process
  • When you go online the system syncs all items and pulls down any information since the last time you were online
  • Whether you're an Android, Apple, Chrome, or Windows user, our apps work across all operating systems and their devices