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Cloud Based

Your forestry system entries are saved locally until you have time to connect to the Internet. Your tally works for you! At your convenience, your logs and lumber packs synchronize to your Company Portal. In the Company Portal app you can edit and manage your forestry inventory as well as export your scaling and tally entries to a format your accounting system accepts, whether it be QuickBooks, Sage, or Excel.

User Friendly

Our forestry system is easy to use and fast. Search, sort, and filter your data in the Company Portal without dozens of screen changes or the need to enter every detail. Synchronize all your loads, lumber packs and their corresponding boards and logs with practiced precision and ease. Our timber software is the best for the log yard, sawmill, and office. Beginning to end, you'll cruise through the process.

Log Inventory

Tally In says goodbye to your Log handheld and it's five-thousand dollar equipment bills every time someone leaves it in the woods, on a Log or on top of their truck. Scale fast and easy with a rugged tablet and use our software indefinitely. As long as you pay, it's yours. When you get a new tablet you'll lose none of your data that's been uploaded to the system. We will also transfer all your data from your old forestry system to our forestry system.

Dynamic Pricing

You asked for it and we did it. For pricing options you can add money to the overall Load value to match a desired Load value. The system will divide it into each Log based on that Log's present value towards the Load. You can also change individual species and grade combination prices or each individual Log price. Easily switch from Doyle to Scribner, International, or Roy and our forestry system will update the price and board foot totals without the need to rescale.

Lumber Inventory

Tally Out, our lumber tally system, is designed for speed and precision. Design all your pack specifications ahead of time and simply input the boards as you grade. Our lumber system will sort the boards automatically into the packs. No more double dot and two person paper entry, and no more restacking. Enter the boards and let our tally system work to maintain it for as you go.

Correlate Production

Our forestry tally system works for you and saves date and time entries for everything. If you mark your logs consumed on the same day that you grade your boards (a simple scan of the barcode with your app or a change in the Company Portal), our system will let you correlate those times easily. Every update to a pack or log is also saved so you can see real time updates.

Yard Management

The Company Portal is our office app for the Sawmill or Log Yard. Search, sort, and filter the data coming in to track log and lumber items as well as mass update their from location, mark as sawed/consumed, sold or any other stock level. Track the items through the inventory and production process to find out how long they have been in their current location, who put them in that location, when they were created, how much you paid for them and more.

User Reports

After filtering, searching and sorting by date, time, location, log scaler, grader, etc., you can save your filter. This lets you create your own custom reports and export the data in multiple formats. From CSV, Excel, and PDF, we give you multiple ways to put your data to good use and find out all the where's, when's, and how much data you need to reach peak performance. Our forestry tally system will work for you because it was designed by a 4th generation sawmill owner.

“Firstly, I would like to thank Andrew and the Tally I/O staff for working with our company to personalize a package that works best for our style. Working with Tally I/O, was, and continues to be, an outstanding experience. Through great communication with Andrew, we received exceptional customer service. The Tally I/O system has saved our company a great deal of time and money. Andrew is great at taking suggestions and turning them into functions. I love that we can work offline and upload boards/packs when we return to the office. This application really exceeded my expectations. As an Apple user, we found a few issues with compatibility, but Andrew stood up to the challenge and we have been up and running for months now. We have developed a great relationship with Tally I/O and their dedication to our company is evident in every aspect of their application.”

- Felicia Leibering, Leibering Dimension, Inc.

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