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Tally-I/O - Log Tally App - Features

Log Tagging

  • You can tag the Logs in your load as you go, and they will be scanned into the system or use your own custom numbers without tags
  • Tags can be entered using the camera of your tablet or you can buy extra equipment
  • System can automatically iterate the tags and you can use any tag type or number you like
  • Tags are optional but recommended if you want high accuracy in your inventory system


  • Supports Doyle, Scribner, and International Log volume and dimensional entry systems
  • Easily switch between Doyle, Scribner or International and watch our forestry inventory system recalculate everything
  • Ability to see a running total of the Log count, volume, cost, species totals and price averages all while entering the Logs


  • Set your prices ahead of time based on the Species/Log Grade and change them on each and/or each Log
  • Add 'bonus' money to the load and the app divides it into each Log based on that Log's value towards the overall load
  • Change individual species/grade combination prices for the load and it will change it for all Logs matching those species/grades in that load
  • Be the Log Master and change individual Log prices as you scale the Logs or edit them after

Species / Grade

  • Our forestry system supports all species / grades and ability to custom add, update, and delete species / grades based on your needs
  • Species & grades persist from the previous Log entry for simple repeated entries or you can write over them
  • Customize species / Log grades and anything else specifically to what your company buys / sells / uses / creates


  • Time & date stamps make sorting and filtering your Log inventory with the date created or updated easy
  • Time and date stamps allow you to make your own custom reports and see production results in real time as well as allow our analytics to find any lost profits
  • Helps utilize your full Log & Lumber ERP software and adjust production before losses even occur

Load Management

  • Creates individual loads received from yourself or a vendor you set up in the portal
  • Tag the Logs in the load and scan them into the system as you go or afterwards
  • Log loads can have custom numbers to match a driver receipt/load slip or we create one for you
  • Customizable reports per load allowing you to omit information as needed (prices for truck drivers, etc.)


  • Logs can be tagged by location and checked into different locations from vendors to your Log yards
  • Log locations can be changed and checked into different locations on your yard or trucks
  • Tag the Logs on the deck as they're being sawed and see stats on production in real time
  • Use locations to keep track of Log inventory with LIFO/FIFO easily and mass update Logs and their location/stock level status on the company portal

User Accounts

  • Separate account levels allowing Managers to see entries moments after they come in
  • Accounts for yard employees to move Logs from place to place or remove Logs as you saw them
  • Only specified users are allowed to change or see Log prices
  • This scale and tally system works the best in the office and gives control to the office personnel to maintain and oversee with ease

Cloud Backup

  • While offline your device creates a list of items that need to be created, updated, and deleted
  • You can see the list as you go so you always know where you left off in the sync process
  • When you go online the system syncs all items and pulls down any information since the last time you were online
  • You can call us at any time and we will restore deleted data for a small fee, no need to ever lose your work again

Any Device

  • Don't be tied to a single Log scaling handheld with no way to get your data where it needs to be while constantly being worried that it will crash and you'll lose all your work
  • Tally-IN will work on any modern smartphone or tablet
  • Tally-IN will give you the mobility you need to work in the woods, on the job, at the yard or on the road
  • Whether you're an Android, Apple, Chrome, or Windows user, our apps work across all operating systems and their devices